Heka (heka_granger) wrote,

La red social kinkmeme

Tags: kinkmeme, pimping, the social network

  • Challenge accepted

    Comment saying "MEME" and I will tell you the following: 1. Something random about you. 2. Which color you remind me of. 3. My first memory of you.…

  • Writer's Block: Television! Is there anything it cannot do?

    "HAWAII FIVE-0"!! Seguida de "The walking dead", "The good guys", "Raising hope" y "Nikita" Podría hacer un Top 5 y todo... XDDD Si llego a ver…

  • Only boring people are bored

    Leave a fandom in my ask box and I’ll tell you: * favorite character * least favorite character * prettiest character * character I wanna marry…

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